Best Bunjo Bungee Chairs

The newest trend in lounge chairs is the bungee chair, or circular shaped steel frames connected by a netting of bungee cords in order to give the impression that you are relaxing in a hammock. These chairs also known as Bunjo or trampoline chairs might look goofy at first glance, but they are surprisingly comfortable and supportive, making them good for your back and a smart choice for any activity, whether you wish to watch TV play games with friends, or even go to a tailgate for your favorite sports team.

Though they might seem more at home in a dorm room than a high end living room, bunjo chairs are surging in popularity and can be incorporated into just about any home design. When you first sit in a bungee cord chair you will sure to be surprised with just how comfortable it is, and will soon want to own one of your own.

To help you in your search process for the best bunjo chair, here are some of the top models available on the market right now.

Top Bungee Chairs

Round Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair

Not only will this unique chair make a big statement in your living room, its premium design will keep you comfortable and well ventilated, no matter what your activity is. With a 225 pound weight capacity, this model can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, as well as indoors in a home office setting or even outside at a picnic or sports event. The teal color will work to accent any room it’s placed in, and the black 600D polyester rim and steel tube structure keeps the chair sturdy and durable for years to come. With a balance combination of usability and function, this round bungee chair will soon become one of you top favorites.

Blu Dot Super Bungie Chair

For hammock lovers that want the comfort of well ventilated relaxation in an indoor setting, this chair design by Blu Dot is the perfect option. A great chair for reading, watching TV and playing video games, this design allows you to stay as comfortable as if you were resting on a cloud. Steel gray cords and a black frame complement each other well to give this chair a modern look that will fit any decor. Best of all, this chair folds down into a compact size for easy storage when necessary. With a weight limit of 225 pounds, this chair is ideal for both adults and children to enjoy.

Bunjo Hex Bungee Chair

For those that crave a little more design to their trampoline chairs, this hexagon design by Bunjo will fit the bill. A unique angular design makes this chair visually interesting and a great accent to any room space, whether it is a dorm room, living room or even front porch. The strong nylon chord keeps the chair’s seat taut while staying stylish, though the maximum weight requirements for this chair is only 200 pounds, which is less than similar models. For the home decorator that enjoys the alternative touch but doesn’t want to compromise functionality or comfort, this blue Bunjo Hex chair is a smart option.

Impact Round Bungie Chair

As the latest trend in portable seating, this chair ticks all the boxes of comfort, style and ease of use. The bungee webbing is supportive and comfortable, while remaining strong enough to keep you secure no matter where or how you use it. Heavy duty polyester fabric lines the outer side of the chair, giving it more support and allowing the chair to hold more weight (225 pounds) than similar models. Because the design allows the chair to store flat for easy storage, this chair is easy to pack up when you don’t want to use it, or even stick in the car to enjoy outdoors. As visually pleasing as it is comfortable, this is a chair you will use again and again.

Northwest Territory Oversize Bungee Chair

For those that want the comfort of a bungie chair but can’t stand the circle design, this chair is the perfect alternative. It’s design resembles a regular chair, though the bungee chords on the sides give it the flexibility to meld itself right to your body without effort. This cheap bungee chair can be folded flat for easy storage, and the seat itself is designed for optimum ventilation. Whether you use it in your living room for playing video games or take it outside to enjoy a roaring fire, this is a chair that will keep you comfortable in any condition.

What You Need To Know About Bungee Chairs

Bungee chairs (often spend ‘bungie’ for bungie chords) are chairs made from bungee chords and bands that are connected to a steel or plastic frame. These chairs have increasingly become common around the world as a cheap and easy way to get comfortable seating in small spaces. Some chairs will have a cloth lining to add an extra layer of stability to the design, while others are simply bungee chords.

The bungee cords on each chair are lined up in a way that produces plenty of spaces between them, allowing for good air flow and ventilation for the person sitting down. Their lightweight and often fold-able design also makes them easy to store or throw in the trunk of your car, allowing them to be easily taken outdoors or to sporting events.

At first glance, these chairs might seem unstable to sit in, but the flexibility of the chords ensures that your weight will be quickly balanced out once you sit down. For many people, the experience of sitting in a trampoline chair is much like a hammock where your weight has to be balanced in order for it to work.

This bungee cord base provides a comfortable form of sitting that melds perfectly to your body while still being supportive, meaning that it is a comfortable way to spend hours in front of a desk. Bungee chord chairs are also extremely light, making them easy to move around and even store away, which is why they have become increasingly popular for camping trips.

What to Look For When Buying

Choosing the right chair for your conditions can be tricky, so we put together this buying guide to help you out. It goes through some of the features of top models of bunjo chairs in order for you to find the design that makes the most sense for you. With just a little initial research, you will soon be ready to enjoy your new bunjo bungee chair for years to come!

When looking to buy a cord chair for either work or relaxation, there are a few key features that you should look for. Deciding how the chair will most be used is a key consideration. Do you plan to use it outside, or will it be more of a visually striking indoor piece? Another important thing to consider is weight limits. Most chairs can handle about 250 pounds, but some max out at 200. If you think the chair will need to handle more weight, it will be smart to look into some bigger, sturdier models to stay safe.

You should also consider the material that the bungee cord chair is made out of. Steel and other metals tend to outlast durable plastics, though they might add unwanted weight to the frame of the chair. Be sure to pay attention to the material that the cords are made from as well. Some use nylon fibers and others are made from polyester covered bungee cords. What you choose to purchases depends on what is most comfortable for you.

Finally, take note of whether the chair can be collapsed for easy storage. This will make life much easier if you plan to use the chair outdoors, but if that’s not a priority for you this feature will be less of a concern.

To help you in your search process for the best bunjo chair, here are some of the top models available on the market right now.