Best Reclining Office Chairs

If your office work day is like most people’s, your probably spend the majority of it within an office chair that inevitably leaves you stiff and sore after a few hours. Unfortunately, many people accept this as a natural side effect of working in an office and assume that they will have to suffer from neck and shoulder pain in order to have a successful workday.

This doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of work chairs available that are designed to keep your body as comfortable as possible by matching the supports of the chair to your body’s natural curves and angles. One popular chair design is for fully reclining office chairs that allow your body to move and stretch at will, keeping you less stiff, and it turn amping up your productivity to levels you never would have thought possible. Reclining desk chairs have the potential to make your work day better, all because of the way you sit and approach your work.

What is a Reclining Office Chair?

The office recliner chair are specially designed desk chairs that allow people to lie back in comfortable positions while they do their work and still be able to access their computers and paperwork. These chairs also allow the user to stretch in place while they sit, helping to prevent them from getting stiff throughout the long workday. Some reclining chairs even come with footrests that allow your body to fully recline in order to get benefits for maximum stretching.

Why Office Recliner Chair?

There are plenty of benefits to using an office chairs that recline over traditional models. Not only do they provide better opportunities for relaxing or taking a break throughout the workday, they also give your body more room to move into the positions that feel more natural, which helps to improve circulation throughout the body, thereby improving the oxygen levels that are accessible to the brain.

Reclining office chairs are specifically designed to best support the lumbar region of your back, meaning that you will be able to adopt the best posture possible for your body and keep it feeling fully rejuvenated, rather than stagnant from constantly staying in a seated position.

Perhaps most important of all, reclining chairs are considered to be ideal for executive level positions, meaning that they are usually made from the highest quality materials that are available. When you buy a office chair recliner, you can be sure that you are investing in one of the top chairs available.


5 Best Recliner Office Chairs – Reviews 2017

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Without a doubt, this reclining desk chair is truly the king of chairs. By stimulating blood and oxygen throughout your body, it helps to keep you at your healthiest posture for computer use, which ensures that during your workday you are your best, most productive self. The skin like covering of this chair allows air to permeate the layers, meaning that you will stay cool and relaxed for however long it takes you to get your work done. The dynamic matrix of pixels in this chair also help to stimulate blood and oxygen flow throughout your body, ensuring that you are consistently sitting the best posture for your body, preventing you from getting distracted. The chair back also is able to adjust to your every move throughout the day, ensuring that you stay balanced and positive, no matter what you are working on. Truly, this is the chair to buy for those that are serious about being productive. Available in 15 colors

Viva Office Reclining Leather Office Chair

This fully reclining office chair lets you do your work from any position you want, whether that’s completely upright or while lying down. The high back design keeps every part of your back comfortable and supported, and the ergonomic bonded leather ensures that your skin will be able to breath even on the hottest days. A padded headrest adds and extra level of support and comfort, as well as the built in lumbar support system. You’ll especially enjoy the padded arms that keep you your upper body supported no matter the work you are trying to accomplish. Every bit of the design of this chair boasts of high quality, from the stainless steel swivel mechanism to the chrome base that lends extra support. The perfect chair for anyone weighing 250 pounds or less, the Viva Office company stands by their warranty and offers free component exchange for this chair in two years of purchase. Also available in black.

Power Rest Executive Recliner

Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed with this impressive leather chair design that commands respect. This stylish and innovative design will impress everyone around you and ensure that you continue to work at your maximum efficiency throughout the day. Using it is a simple way to relieve the tension and stress from the work of spending long hours at your desk. This chair is designed to maximize the small movements that you make throughout the day, including a 360 degree swivel ability as well as five different reclining positions to ensure maximum comfort no matter what work you are trying to accomplish. The fully vinyl covered back ensures that this design allows your skin to breath and won’t get sticky in hot conditions. Every detail is thought through carefully in this luxurious chair, and you’ll find yourself having better workdays when sitting in it.

Merax Technical Managers Executive Leather Chair Recliner

Merax is renowned for making high quality office chairs, and this well-crafted managers design is sure to make your working life as easy as can be. Created with the very best materials available, this chair has strong feet and carpet casters, ensuring that it will stay stable and secure across a wide variety of floor surfaces, from carpets to tiles. The bonded leather on the seat and sides of the chair ensure that you will be comfortable from every angle as well as enjoy a snug fit that keeps your body perfectly aligned with the very best angles. No longer will you feel the strain of typing on your back and shoulders, this chair will aid in removing that stress from your body without any effort on your part. For the most productive work day you can experience, this chair is an ideal design.


What to Look For in a Office Chair Recliner

There is a wide variety of office chairs available, meaning that there are plenty of features for you to look through and choose from. Some chair designs are ideal for the home office while others match perfectly with computer use. Choosing the chair that you want depends on the values you decide are most important for functionality of the chair that you want.

Below are some of the important features in reclining chairs and what you need to know about them to choose if they are a smart idea for the kind of chairs that you want.

Foot Rest: Not all reclining chairs have footrests, but those that do are usually adjustable for your personal comfort level and ideal convenience. They give support to calf muscles and can help you to feel more relaxed at your desk. If you want to use your chair for stretching, this is an important feature to ensure is included.

Headrest: Headrests are an important design element for many recliner chairs and tend to be a smart way to get rid of your neck and should pain, allowing you to sit at your desk in maximum comfort.

Armrest: Make sure that the chair you are looking at has plenty of padding on the arm wrists to stop your hands from suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome due to typing too much at a bad angle. This will also help your neck alignment and ensure that you can work without pain.

Height: The height of your reclining chair will make a big different in how much your body can stretch out in it, so choosing a chair that is easily adjustable is idea for keeping you comfortable.

Backrest: In most reclining chairs, backrests can be reclined to 45 degree angles, allowing your body to take the angle that feels the most comfortable at any one moment. Getting top lumbar support is important to get rid of the stress on your spine and ensure that you don’t experience too much discomfort for sitting for long periods of time.

Seat: The type of padding in each seat will make a difference in how comfortable it is in the long run, so getting one that seems overstuffed might be better for your behind in the long run. Leather tends to last longer than other chair materials and is a smart choice for ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout the day without getting too hot from unbreathable fabrics. Getting a chair that can swivel 360 degrees is also an important step.

Base: A chair is only as good as its support system, so getting a chair with a high quality five point base is important for making sure it will last a long time. Look for models made from stainless steel and other metals, and avoid bases that are mostly made up of durable plastic.