Best Bungee Office Chairs

If you follow modern office furniture trends, you might know about one of the most popular forms of desk chairs to recently enter the market- bungee chairs! These chairs aim to combine the comfort of relaxing in a hammock with the prestige and formality of working in an office, meaning that with bungee chairs you get to work in complete comfort in a design that benefits your body’s natural angles, all while maintaining your professionalism and looking equipped for work. In many ways, they are an ideal combination of form and function that easily explains their consistent popularity throughout the world.

What is a Bungee Office Chair

As the name might imply, bungee chairs are task chairs that get their support through bungees that are extremely durable and can comfortably hold hundreds of pounds of weight. Even so, the bungees in these chairs bend and give with the angles of your body, ensuring that your seat and backrest will be perfectly matched to the angles of your body.

Anyone that works in an office all day can testify to just how miserable it is to have to sit at a desk for hours on end without moving. Bungee desk chairs work to alleviate some of that pain by allowing your body to move in the ways it wants to naturally. By bending to the angles of your body, every part will be supported, keeping you in peak comfort. The gentle bounce in bungee chairs also allows you some movement throughout the day, ensuring that you stay refreshed and productive all day long.

Bungee chairs also help with productivity by keeping you from overheating. You won’t have to worry about keeping your back from sweating, as the gaps between the straps ensure that your body gets complete access to a cross breeze throughout the day. The back and seat straps also succeed in keeping bungee chairs extremely light, making them easy to move around when necessary.

Top Bungee Office Chair Models

Euro-Style Bungie Low Back Adjustable Office Chair (Black Graphite)

For those that want the comfort of a bungee chair that is still office appropriate, this Euro-style bungee chair is the perfect option. Round bungee cords make up the seat and back, ensuring that the chair will be perfectly molded to your shape and keep you comfortable at every angle. Not only does it come in a wide range of colors (black, blue, brown, red and green) this chair has only minimal adjustments, meaning that you won’t find it overcomplicated to operate to get your most comfortable fit. The height is the only feature of this chair that can be adjusted, though it does swivel. A favorite feature for many customers is that this chair doesn’t have arm rests, meaning you will no longer have to worry about them bumping into your work table and distracting you from your work.

Weighing only 23 pounds, this chair is light and easy to move while still being stable. You’ll get plenty of ventilation through your back while still being supported in any posture you take. This chair is the perfect mix of functional and innovative, and it will be sure to soon become your favorite chair in the office. Available also: Black Bungies with Aluminum Frame and Blue Bungies

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Euro-Style Bungie High Back Chair with Armrests (Black Graphite)

You’ll find the workday flying away as you sit in this incredibly comfortable chair from Euro-Style. As an upgrade from the previously listed chair, this model contains a higher back and armrests, allowing you an extra level of comfort and flexibility in your use. The natural ventilation of the bungee cords will keep you working in peak comfort, which will improve your performance throughout the work day. Featuring both red and black colored bungees, this chair is perfectly appropriate for the work environment even while adding a pop of colored spontaneity into your day.

At only thirty pounds, this chair is easy to move where ever you need it to be, and the seat height can be adjusted to ensure it is set up perfectly for your measurements. Once you try a high quality bungee chair like this, going back to regular ergonomic office chairs will certainly be a struggle! Available also: black bungies with aluminum frame and red bungies.

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Laura Davidson Bungee Task Chair (Black)

If you are interested in the world of specialized bungie chairs but don’t want to pay the high price for some of the premium options, this Laura Davidson Bungee Office Chair might be the perfect solution for you. This design combines sleek European design with all the comfort that proper ventilation can give you. The chair’s exceptionally strong bungee straps keep the chair stable while also contouring to your body, ensuring that the fit for you will be perfect. Best of all, the chair’s arms are removable, meaning that you can choose if they are worth having for you or too much of a hassle to deal with.

With a one year warranty, you will plenty of time to try out this chair before deciding if it is the right option for you, meaning that you’ll have months to really fall in love with it and the increased productivity that it will give you throughout your working day. Available also in:Blue and Dark Grey.

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Euro-Style Bradley Adjustable Bungie Chair, Aluminum

The aluminum frame is the selling point of this chair, as the lightweight construction means that it is pounds lighter than competitive models, meaning that it will be easier than ever to move your chair around to fit your needs. The round bungee cords on this seat are attached with black nylon fittings, though the bungees come in multiple colors for a fun level of personalization, including red, blue and green. The chair’s tilt mechanism includes two locking positions that allow you to keep the chair at the perfect position for your comfort, including adjustable height abilities.

This chair comes with comfortable armrests as well as a black nylon base that keeps you stable while staying cool and well ventilated. For the bungee chair lover, this is a smart model to bring into the office environment for increasing your comfort, ease of movement and overall productivity. Available also in:Black, Blue and Green.

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Things to Look For in a Bungee Task Chair

When buying a bungee desk chair, quality should be your top concern. Any model that has straps that can get easily stretched out should be avoided as you will lose all the benefits and support of the chair within a few months of use.

Be sure to also look for the kind of warranty that comes with the chair, as accidents happen and accidentally cutting through the straps in your chair will immediately render it useless.

It’s also important to look for models that are fully adjustable to ensure you can keep yourself at levels of peak comfort. Look for adjustable heights for the seats, bases that can rotate a full 360 degrees, and arm rests that can be removed or left on. This will help you to stay comfortable, no matter what kind of work you are starting to tackle.

Perhaps most important, pay attention to the kind of material that the chair is made out of. A high quality chair will be made from stainless steel or aluminum, and the quality of materials that are used are the best way to tell just how long your chair will last in the real world. Try to avoid chairs made mostly out of durable plastic, as they are less durable and prone to falling part just as soon as the warranty runs out.

Your coworkers might think you are crazy at first, but a bungee task chair will amaze you with its simplicity and comfort. Within a few weeks, you can be sure that those same coworkers will be clamoring to buy their own.