Best Hammock Chair Stands

If you don’t have a convenient place to hang up your hanging chair, these top-rated stands will give you the flexibility you need.

Sunnydaze Adjustable Hammock Chair Stand

Enjoy your hammock chair wherever you see fit by relying on this high quality stand from Sunnydaze (hammock not included). Fully height adjustable up to 93 inches, this stand is made from black powder coated steel to ensure a weight capacity above 330 pounds. Fully adjustable to any hanging chair and easy to set up, this stand is as versatile as it is attractive.

Best Choice Products Hammock C Solid Steel Stand

Don’t rely on trees for your hammock chair,  this C-stand makes the setup process far easier. Constructed from powder coated steel and a rust resistant finish, this stand is ready to withstand all kinds of weather. A rotating connection system allows you spin almost 360 degrees, making it easy to sit at exactly the angle you want. Quick and easy to set up, you’ll be using this stand for years to come.

Hammaka Steel Summit Hanging Chair Stand

You can subtly fit your hammock chair into any indoor or outdoor setting with this steel stand design from Hammaka as it has a small footprint. Sturdy, attractive and unique, you won’t need any tools to get it set up, meaning you’ll be ready to start relaxing within seconds.

Hammaka Tripod Hanging Chair Stand

Stay safe and sturdy in this uniquely triangular patented design. With a platform that’s compatible with most hanging chairs, this hammock stand supports up to 350 pounds and is completely portable. Whether you choose to take it camping, to the stadium or simply in your backyard, you’ll appreciate the ease of setup and confidence you feel when sitting in it.

Hammaka Arc Stand Hanging

Modern design meets relaxation in this stunning design. Precision and beauty are selling points for this high quality hammock stand. Made with powder coated steel for rust resistance, this beautiful design looks great in any landscape and provides a full 360 degrees of versatility for enjoying the view.


Hammocks Chair Stands For Relaxation

Hammocks chairs look delightful, but there are a couple significant details that make them impossible for some people to have them in their yards. What details? Why, the need for trees to tie the hanging chair to! This chair requires two trees together at a convenient distance so you can set up for relaxing away some time. Thankfully, there are some options that can get around this problem.

Hammock chair stands can help you set up a chair no matter where you might want it, including placing it indoors! With a stand, you can enjoy some down time in comfort. It is possible to purchase just a stand, or a chair with a stand as a package. Just consider what is most important to you about your hammock experience and go shopping online.

What kinds are available?

When you begin shopping, you will find that you have many choices, prices vary wildly, so your budget can be taken into consideration. One of the most popular is a wooden stand, due to the asthetic appeal of this beauty with the wood grain and the color schemes of the hammock itself.

A wooden stand requires some considerable craftsmanship to build, so the cost is more. Weatherproofing is addressed, which also makes it more costly. When you think about your chair stand, you need to know that it can hold up to the weather conditions that it will be in, including moisture exposure.

Metal stands are available, and are made to address function over asthetics, will hold up better and longer to conditions, and are less expensive to purchase.

So, take the time to think about what you want in a stand and hammock chair, consider the material used, and go carefully through your choices to get the ones that will meet your needs best.