Hanging Egg Chairs: Unique Addition To Your Terrace Or Patio

Crazy as it sounds, egg shaped chairs are surprisingly comfortable and stylish to sit in. Check out these top designs!

Berkley Outdoor Wicker Swinging Egg Chair

You’ll add a hint of whimsy to your yard with this fun swinging chair. Designed to last for years, this egg-shaped chair is built with thick brown messed wicker and comes equipped with cushions to ensure you stay comfortable. Simple to set up wherever you want it, this chair will quickly become a staple for your backyard or patio.

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Flower House Egg Chair Swing

Keep things comfortable when you relax in your home or garden in this innovative egg chair that’s designed to be durable and weather resistant, making it great for indoor or outdoor use. The chair itself is 66 inches tall, ensuring there is plenty of seating room for adults of all sizes.

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Modway Cocoon Wicker Chair

You can take a vacation to an exotic destination just by spending time in this stunning chair in your backyard. The mundane is transformed when you enjoy the rattan wicker design, and the included cushions ensure you stay comfortable no matter how long you sit. A truly unique design, this chair is sure to be a talking point at your next party.

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What to look when buying hanging egg chairs

Hanging egg chairs look very attractive, and it’s fun to swing in them. They hover a little above the ground and can be used as a stylish and trendy addition to your terrace or patio. As they are attached to a ceiling, you can’t place them in your garden unless you want to attach one to the branch of a tree. To attach your chair to the ceiling, you should make sure that you have connected it properly or else you might end up hurting yourself. The design of these chairs should also be sturdy enough to carry the weight. The following factors should be considered before buying swinging egg chair:

Size. A large egg swing chair is of course more comfortable than a narrow one. Always find a sturdy yet lightweight hanging chair if you want to go camping or hiking. If you just want to place it on your patio, terrace, or living room, buy a large-sized and sturdy one. Larger hanging chairs give a snug fit, and you can comfortably laze around in it.

Capacity. An egg swing chair is always meant for one person, but you can consider the option of buying a large one to accommodate yourself spaciously and comfortably. Look for those chairs that have comfortable and soft cushions or pillows as hard ones won’t let you sit properly in an egg-shaped hanging chair. A quality egg hanging chair is made up of high-quality materials for cushioning, such as parachute nylon or cotton, which are durable and comfortable.

Durability. Egg chair swing are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and harsh weathers. If you want to take this chair along with you on a trip, make sure it can be folded into a small box or pouch. Also, make sure that it is made up of supreme quality and durable materials so that it can bear the weather changes such as rain or snowfall.