Hanging Chairs

Many people love sitting back on a nice lounge chair and enjoy the luxuries of a pool. While this too is a good way to relax, many people overlook the comfort and the amazing feeling of a hanging chair. There suspended in the air, swinging with the rhythm of your mood, these hanging chairs bring about a good lightweight feeling to you and quite easily rival a lounge chair or any other relaxing spots. Therefore, for your comfort we’ve compiled a list of the best hanging chairs for your household.

Tropicalia cocoon swing from Urban Space Interiors

This hanging chair comes in beautiful vibrant digital printing and is wrapped by nylon chords around metal frame, and is strong enough to carry any weight.


These beautifully knotted citrus hued hanging chairs by Anthropologie’s could bring a really good oceanic vibe to both your house’s interior and exterior.

Byron Bay hanging chairs

The design is wooden curvy which is inspired by the 60’s and the 70’s and can blend with any interior. Not to mention it has space to pile up comfy cushions as well.

Paola Lenti’s

These handwoven hanging chairs are a spinoff version for adults who love swings, bringing life to either your house’s decor or their gardens or lawns for that matter.

Roberti’s sculptural gravity

These hanging chairs are the most elegant hanging chairs out there in the market and they would undoubtedly bring about more life to your house’s decor.

Dendon’s ultra-private hanging chair

This is the perfect nest for you, where you can just relax and rest privately without anyone disrupting your private moment.

So there you have it! Six of the best hanging chairs in the market that would not only make your home look beautiful and cozy, but would also provide you with a relaxing moment that you crave so much.